How Screwy Are Diebold Electronic Voting Machines? Ummm….

Via Democracy Now!…[regarding the 2008 Alaska Senate race between incumbent senator & felon Ted Stevens and Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich]:

AMY GOODMAN: Now, Begich was up in the pre-polling at something like 29 percent, the mayor of Anchorage—29 percent. Nate Silver, who does, who’s been remarkably prescient in almost all of—dotcom—in almost all of the other races, had this one for Begich 100 percent.

SHANNYN MOORE: Right, he did. And he has been remarkably accurate. And I can tell you that, just in polling people, you know, in Alaska on the ground here, that’s what we fully expected. It is a little screwy, and Alaska is known for having some issues here. We do use Diebold machines. In 2004, the Democratic Party sued to get the tabulator files. It took a year and a half to get those from the state. And when the judge finally ruled that they must turn that information over, well, it was interesting, because we couldn’t prove that there had been election fraud, but we could prove that the tabulator files, after the judge had ordered them be released, had been altered. And when it was—when it came time to find out who had altered them, we found out that the state had just had…the password was “password,” and the user name was “administration” for every employee that did anything with elections. So you couldn’t tell who had done anything. So it just—you know, there’s red flags everywhere, and we’re just looking close and waiting for the votes today.

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