Obama’s Favorite Painting

I don’t know if I would’ve supported Obama as much as I did if I thought his favorite art work was a Pre-Raphaelite painting. All via Two Coats of Paint and original source the Telegram.

There are two version of the painting titled “Hope” by George Frederic Watts.

George Frederic Watts, “Hope” (1886) [Tate]

George Frederic Watts, “Hope” (1886?) [private collection]

10 responses to “Obama’s Favorite Painting”

  1. No! I don’t think this is Obama’s favorite painting! The Telegraph writer is making an unfair assumption about Obama’s taste in art because of a phrase Obama heard (and repeated) about the painting. Really slippery journalism. Go back and read the story more carefully. Complete conjecture!

  2. A Kelly would be lovely but I think he’d be more of a Ben Shahn…there’s something gritty about him even though his ideas are lofty…he really connects with people and I do believe he cares about working people.

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