Why Books Are Disappearing…

…the short answer is, because they are being championed by emotionally-confused dolts who refuse to adapt and prefer to pine about the loss. This from today’s AP story about the new $100,000 handmade book about Renaissance master Michelangelo:

“Books are being destroyed by the Internet, they’re losing their identity — it’s the modern, Internet version of burning books,” she said. “Today, things last so little before they disappear. “

All I could think of is that medieval manuscript illuminators probably said the same think about the printing press which eventually lead to the codex or the book as we know it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love books…but I’m more excited about the next generation of literary technology.

Btw, don’t expect the AP story link to work after a while since those dinosaur of news reporting hasn’t been very keen about using permalinks and other web-friendly technology for their stories.

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