Another Day, Another Abortion in Williamsburg

On Driggs

It was a sunny day in the Brooklyn art-borhood and abortion was in the air…or…aahhh, hanging on a wire?

I spotted something unusual on Driggs yesterday. Looks like someone thought it would be a good idea to hang naked baby dolls on a wire instead of a pair of sneakers. I’m assuming it is ironic action but it was also kind of funny (and a tad demented). A close up of the plastic fetuses–or whatever they are–is here.

In other abortion news, I also spotted these Polish/English flyers (below) all around the Wiliamsburg & Greenpoint industrial park that gives you a glimpse of the New York Catholic Diocese’s anti-choice crusade. I swear I saw something about this on New York Shitty but I can’t track down the link.

Thankfully someone has posted these flyers on walls everywhere and marked them up to express the rage those of us who are pro-choice feel.

One flyer was covered with the words “STOP CATHOLIC CHURCH TERRORISM” and another read “Keep women safe and abortion legal! thank God for Roe v. Wade.” What a wonderful world it would be if these anti-choice groups would spend more time ensuring young mothers have enough money, childcare and health insurance to care for their kids rather than trying to mandate births.

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