Performing on Twitter

Artist Judy Rey Wasserman is publicizing what she calls the first post conceptual performance art event on Twitter (I can’t verify if this is in fact the case, but it may be):

All Twitter users are invited to watch as Rembrandt (Psalm 22) turns into Vincent Van Gogh (Psalm 133) at 4:35 PM EST at .

…a temporary art event where people the world over can watch all at the same time… (source)

More interesting than the event is what she sees as the possible heritage for this kind of art work:

The artistic and spiritual roots Judy Rey Wasserman’s idea is in the sand paintings of the Buddhists and Navajo artists…a sand painting…by Buddhist monks…[is] created as temporary experience where the making of the work is as significant as the work itself.

I like the sand painting idea. Twitter is very much like that type of thing, except it does have a permanent URL for each post, so it’s not fully ephemeral.

Regardless, check it out (and sorry for the super short notice):

Announcement WATCH:
Tues. Dec. 2, at 4:35 PM on Twitter Rembrandt (Psalm 22) becomes Vincent van Gogh (Psalm 113) Live. Only on Twitter. Free. Follow:

UPDATE: This is what the performance looked like on my Twitter screen:

I think Barry Hoggard upstaged Judy inadvertently…though I have to admit I wanted the transformation to be something more.

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  1. Judy Rey Wasserman Avatar

    Thank you for this article!

    And I just learned something from it about Twitter. Although OI posted the bottom 2 posts while Rembrandt was still aboard. apparently they remained in the Twitter queue and Twit code added in van Gogh.

    This was a first run. I intend to do more www art moments on Twitter and elsewhere. My versuion of hanging art in museums like Banksy. Instead of Street Art, I am using the web. Web graffiti and happenings.

    Always open to suggestions for how or where to accomplish this.

    I do not mind the tweets above or below. I hoped there would be more. Life mixes in with art and vice versa. People who are artists or involved with art were posting before and after, which as a community member I encouraged in emails.

    i hope that you check out the Post Conceptual UnGraven Image Art manifesto, which is free to download. I openly invite other artists to join me in this new art form.

    Again, Thanks so much for this post!

    Judy Rey Wasserman

  2. […] is best shown in the screen capture in another article written by Hrag Vartanian, Performing on Twitter . This screen capture also shows the presence of Barry Hoggard on Twitter at that time. Hoggard also […]

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