Nirvana Baby Now Shepard Fairey Intern

In a bizarre pop culture twist, the baby who was pictured on the cover of Nirvana’s influential Nevermind album is now an intern in Shepard Fairey’s California operations, according to the Obey Giant website:

Spencer is 17 now and it tuns out that he is not only a fan of Obey, but a good artist as well. He has been helping out cutting stencils and working on tee shirt ideas. I think Spencer has a bright future and if he keeps working, the next time he re-creates the “Nevermind” cover they’ll have to lure him with at least a $20 bill.

As pictured above, Spencer Elden recreated the album cover this year (via MTV):

More than 17 years ago, when he was still an infant, Spencer Elden’s parents dropped him into a swimming pool in California, where underwater photographer Kirk Weddle was waiting to snap an entire roll of film of the naked, buoyant baby. The picture was later used as the cover image for Nevermind, the second studio LP from a little rock band out of Seattle called Nirvana.

Now, 17-year-old Elden is a high school student, who told MTV News last year that “it’s kind of creepy [to think] that that many people have seen me naked — I feel like I’m the world’s biggest porn star.”

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  1. Summer Avatar

    Shepard Fairey is getting more press than he deserves. The guy could fart and people would blog about it. He is a copyright infringer of the worst kind because he has stolen protected works from real revolutionary artists claiming that he did not know how to contact them after being exposed. If you want a good read about it visit the Myartspace Blog and do a search for Shepard Fairey. Anyone who supports the rights of artists should be openly against Shepard Fairey.

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