New in Bushwick: J. Bauer Gallery

I feel like I can’t keep track but there is yet another gallery space crowding the streets of my beloved Bushwick: J. Bauer Gallery (sorry, no website).

Today, I got an email from artist Max Abeles about his performance this Saturday Dec 20, 2008 at 8:00 PM. And here’s the show description:

Denter Booster Blockbuster (Thomas Koehler) and Maks (Max Abeles) will be performing a live set of ear welting digital noise. The gallery will be transformed via 8 large fluorescent tubes installed around the parameter of the space that will be synced to the audio output. The show will be under twenty minutes so please come at 8 o’clock sharp.

Seems there was another show at the same space earlier in the season…all of this sounded intriguing so I reached out to the gallery via email and got this response:

As of right now, J. Bauer G is a private residence holding public parties. We are in the process of getting a commercial license and would like to apply for non-profit status soon after.

We have been at this location since October. Several of us have been putting up shows in various locations in Bushwick and we all decided to finally centralize. We are glad to have a space and to be buliding a collective. This space is for people that have huge dreams and talent who want to show work.

Good to know, check it out:
J. Bauer Gallery — 721 Flushing Ave. 4c, Brooklyn New York 11206 (map)
Email j.bauergallery [at] gmail [dot] com
Tuesday – Sunday 6 pm – 10pm (By Appointment Only)
Take J or M train to Flushing Avenue,  Across the street from Woodhull Hospital

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  1. S. Bauer Avatar
    S. Bauer


    Best Wishes to you and your fellow artists again.

    We enjoyed your last art exhibit in November with Teresa.

    Good Luck.


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