Talking About Brooklyn Street Art, Major LA Show Opens Today


Brooklyn Street Art has a good interview with the two Andrews,  Andrew Michael Ford (gallery director at Ad Hoc) and Andrew Hosner (co-founder of ThinkSpace in LA) about the show that opens today in LA titled Brooklyn Street Art and features all the big hitters of New York’s most bodacious borough.

The show opens tonight so if you’re in LA, I highly recommend it.

So, without further ado check out the interview and here’s a snippet, and coincidentally there is an image of Imminent Disaster’s early work (posted above) which gave me some insight into the current aesthetic she has going on (a little Arte Povera circa 1980 I’d say):

BrooklynStreetArt: Maybe this is impossible to put your finger on, but what would be a couple of characteristics that distinguish Brooklyn street art from other cities in the world?

Andrew Michael Ford: For me it started in NYC. I mean, graf started in Philly but really came into it’s own in NYC. I just don’t see that kind of history anywhere else. I see the lineage of graf into street art and that is why so many graf writers have been invited to this show. It’s not just about who is doing a lot of street art. It’s about who is getting up and staying in the streets of Brooklyn regardless of tools being used. I don’t like it when street artists from other cities look at graf here in NYC as some kind of background for their work. It’s a massive slap in the face to all graf writers. Brooklyn street artists have a lot more respect for graf than street artists I have met from other cities, especially from Europe. Maybe that’s the thing that distinguishes what’s going on in the streets of Brooklyn from other places.

Whole interview here.

Image caption: Imminent Disaster (earlier work) (courtesy ThinkSpace and Ad Hoc) &

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