Lecture in NY: Brutality of Homophobia in Armenia


This Friday, January 16, 2009, the Armenian Gay & Lesbian Association of New York has invited Lala Aslikyan of the Huys NGO to present her perspective on LGBT rights in Armenia.

Lala Aslikyan is a psychologist, a political scientist, and human rights advocate. She is a member of “Huys” (“Hope”) NGO in Armenia, which concentrates its efforts on human rights protection and advocacy.

During her 10 minutes talk she will give a snapshot of LGBT life in Armenia, highlighting the specifics of the problems faced by LGBT individuals, especially the character of violence and harassment based on homophobia in Armenia. She will also discuss concrete examples of cases of rape, chasing and murder based on homophobia widespread in the Armenian army.

For any additional information please visit the AGLA NY website.

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