Nathalie Djurberg at Zach Feuer

I stopped by Nathalie Djurberg‘s latest show today in the midst of review/article deadline hell and I really enjoyed the whole display. Djurberg does a great job of making objects and animation works that are both playful and beautiful. If you can get over the thought that the brown stuff smeared on the walls resembles shit–it’s supposed to be chocolate–then you’re good to go (gallery press release).

Everything about her latest work feels fragile (emotionally and physically) which is emphasized by the plexiglas box protecting the objects on display and the rippling (though I’m not sure that’s the right word) line used in the shorts.

Steeped in imagery that is popular with little kids (teas sets, ballerinas, desserts, shit, sugary things, etc.) the details are precise and there is a weightlessness to the objects that make them feel dreamlike and almost ephemeral.

Pictured above is the claymation set for “I found myself alone” (2008), which is the animation film being shown in the backroom.

In the front room you can see “Jag sysslar givetvis med trolleri (Of course I am working with magic)” (2007) which resembles the work of William Kentridge too closely for my taste (to the point of feeling derivative) but that’s no reason not to enjoy her gory fantasia (thankfully it’s in black and white).

The work from her latest show is In collaboration with Hans Berg and it ends Thursday, January 22, 2009.

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