Graffiti Vomitorium

After Sharon Butler’s art bloggers summit at Pocket Utopia tonight I went with some fellow blogheads to the Wreck Room in Bushwick for a drink (or three). The CBGB aesthetic was in full force so I had to snap some pics. Check out the set here. Btw, congrats Sharon…the salon was stimulating and what a great turn out.

Also, my favorite part of the bathroom graf was the stickers on the inside of the toilet seats that read KILL BILL O’REILLY.

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  1. Joanne Mattera Art Blog Avatar


    Thanks for the Flickr pics of Sharon’s Blogger Summit. Looks like it got quite a nice crowd. I was stuck in frozen Massachusetts, but wishing I could be there.

    I look forward to our Blogpix panel in March at Platform.

  2. Hrag Avatar

    I’m looking forward to it too Joanne.

    Btw, I plan to repost your hilarious take on the Gehry crepes….everyone things it is the funniest thing ever!

  3. Joanne Mattera Art Blog Avatar

    Great! Will you open it up to responses? There must be more architects out there who deserve pancakes–or vice versa.

  4. hv Avatar

    Of course…let’s create a new joke book….Architects for Breakfast! LOL

  5. […] The Wreck Room’s graffiti bathrooms. […]

  6. Oriane Stender Avatar
    Oriane Stender

    Hey, I’m sitting on the floor next to Sharon Butler at the Pocket Utopia bloggerfest. I’m not saluting, just shading my eyes from the light. Missed you Joanne!

    Was fun.

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