Preparing for the Blogpix Show


Yesterday, I spent the morning with Ben La Rocco looking at work in his studio for the Blogpix show in March at Denise Bibro’s Platform space in Chelsea. The brainchild of Olympia (of Oly’s Musings), Bibro has invited three bloggers, including myself, to pick artists for display in the gallery.

For my contribution I’ve chosen Ben’s work for a number of reasons, some of which I’ll talk about at the art bloggers’ panel on Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 5:00 PM.

I think Oly first wanted me to choose a street artist for my contribution but that didn’t work out for a number of reasons. I think street art still has a ways to go before it starts looking stellar in a gallery setting (with the rare exception) and in the cases that it does it usually involves an unconventional installation or a very special type of space. Nonetheless, Ben’s work also represents the type of work I find the hardest to blog about…more about this to follow.

Blogpix at Denise Bibro’s Platform space
March 5 – March 28, 2009

Curated by Joanne Mattera, Roberta Fallon & Libby Rosof, and Hrag Vartanian.

Artists include: Sharon Butler, Steven Alexander, Reese Inman, Julie Karabenick, Christopher Davison and Ben La Rocco.

One response to “Preparing for the Blogpix Show”

  1. Heh.
    You’re gonna rock the joint!
    I for one can’t wait for the panel.
    We won’t be the naughty kids whispering in the back anymore! Just a couple of nuts out in the front.
    Did I just say nuts out in the front?
    Yeah, I did.

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