Mike Marcus’ New Exogamy #2 Series Blends Genders & Genres

3222196571_e169e2ccbaexogamy #2/2t print, originally uploaded by Mike Marcus.

Street/Fine Art bad boy, Mike Marcus, is poised to release his newest “Exogamy” series on February 12, 2009. Widely known for his gas mask on mannequin street art pieces, the latest series is a marriage of his street and fine art practices.
The London-based street artist describes how the works were created:

The image features a triptych of intersexual hybrid figures, each a digital “genetic” synthesis of my own self portrait with that of a woman who I encountered in my daily life. In this case, I met each of the donor females via a different internet social network.

There will be an accompanying release of 33 unique large format public works, one placed in each of the London boroughs. This is indicative of a new direction for me, marrying my ‘street art’ and ‘fine art photography’ careers into one unified practice.

The edition consists of 85 20×16 inch silver gelatine photographs (plus 4 selenium toned artist proofs) on 300gsm fibre based semigloss paper. Marcus chose a large edition size to keep the price low (£120) in these tough economic times. CLICK TO PREORDER

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