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  • "An electoral committee of Somali parliamentarians is examining the résumés and photographs of a dozen or so candidates who applied to become president of Somalia. The election is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 30, and many of the résumés arrived on Jan. 29. Being a citizen of a foreign country is no problem. The only prerequisite is an application fee of $2,000. There is not enough time for background checks, since the new president, whoever he may be, is expected at this weekend's African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia."
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  • Tons of tricks:
    1. Transform a dull stock image into great looking artwork;
    2. Boost your images with Lab color;
    3. Create striking portraits;
    4. Retouch mediocre photos;
    5. Combine textures with vectors;
    6. Combine photos to create surrealist landscapes;
    7. Create fake photo-real scenes;
    8. Dress up fashion photography;
    9. Create graffiti stamp art; and
    10. Defringe hair.
  • "According to Christian Science Monitor, these indie presses have sponsored the 'most extensive restructuring efforts' on the digital book front, leading the industry in the race to digitize book lists."
  • Reposted from her article in Toronto's "National Post" about an overlooked Fauvist.

    And one clue why he isn't as well-known as Matisse: "Well, there was a rivalry between Matisse and Van Dongen. One of the first books on Fauvism– the style they both worked in– was written by Matisse's brother-in-law. The publisher of the book had to convince him to even just include Van Dongen's name."

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