Reflecting on The Week {2009-01-31}

  • An old Jewish saying, “Some people are such nobodies that when they go out of a room it feels like someone came in.” (via Ara B.) #
  • Doing a studio visit near the Slope. #
  • I just asked for a third extention on one article…note to self, don’t take on four writing deadlines in one week. #
  • If you haven’t already don’t forget to move your Feedburner account to Google: #
  • Via ArtCal: Tonight at NY Public Library, John Zinsser will present a slide lecture entitled “New York Galleries Now.” #
  • Via ArtLawBlog: Boston Globe’ reporting Rose Art Mus @ Brandeis will close this summer & sell collection: #
  • RT @bhoggard: galleries with private twitter feeds? lame. #
  • Working on article & need help please. What are those placards with #s called that appear in mugshots…anyone know? #
  • First time a msm source (NY Observer) has quoted my twitter feed…kind of funny: #
  • RT @artfagcity: Join the Facebook group protesting the selling of the Rose Museum’s collection by Brandeis #
  • RT @bhoggard: ArtCal joins the twitterverse. Follow us! #
  • Some developers complain re: street art & others steal for websites like this Bushwick condo: (art by Imminent Disaster) #
  • Tyler Green speaks to Rose Art Museum director Michael Rush regarding Brandeis’ decision to cash in on the collection: #
  • RT @schmelzenfreude: Minneapolis man believes Laura Ingalls Wilder is god & running for mayor to est. “Lauraist homeland” #
  • Great news…Art21 has joined Twitter: @art21 …welcome! #
  • Food & Travel Translation Cards for communicating food allergies & other health problems when you travel: #
  • I just had a wonderful cocktail party. One of many to come. Who wants to be invited? #
  • My “Art Market Recession Report” is live on NYFA’s CURRENT mag for artists: (site registration req’d) #
  • I knew there was more to the Brandeis/Rose Art Museum story (via Daily Beast, which I hate but oh well) #
  • One set of edits left and then I can put all the articles I’ve been working on to bed. Next project, focus on my blog for two weeks. #
  • RT @bhoggard: Now this is a state dinner set! #
  • RT @artfagcity: Holy Crap! Five dollar Polaroid portraits available on Atlantic Ave for a limited time only! #
  • RT @bhoggard: Barry Hoggard will be speaking at this art/tech/culture meetup organized by @juliaxgulia #
  • My hair salon said I need a reverse bang trim….huh? Should I be flattered or offended? #
  • Today, I hear Kinz+Tillou went belly up but when I asked them 3 days ago they wouldn’t confirm. ARGH! #
  • ArtMovingProjects in Williamsburg is closing. #
  • Just heard that ArtMovingProjects in Williamsburg is closing. #

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