Stella Beer Ad (1957, Egypt)


I found this ad on a friend’s Facebook account and asked a colleague to roughly paraphrase (and shorten) it for me (and this is VERY rough):

The silence of the lovers, Call for us the fairy, the one who holds the bright star [referring to the star on the Stella beer bottle]. Stella is the one that brings our love together.

{hat tip HSV}

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  1. […] The crust to this bread is simply divine: thick, crusty, and obviously blessed by the Stella Fairy (surely it’s not due to the amount of butter drizzled on top pre-baking!). The bread itself […]

  2. Stella Admin Avatar

    Lover’s silence on a date
    Threatens love and claim a break

    Summoned the fairy joyful Queen
    The one who hold a star on a cane

    She, Stella is enough
    Stella is the brief of love

    1. hv Avatar

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