Reflecting on The Week {2009-02-07}

  • Planning my gallery going this morning. Think Exit Art is in the cards…their Labrynth show grapples with our “turbulent times.” #
  • Poster Boy got arrested last night: #
  • Just returned from an interesting studio visit in Red Hook. There’s so much good art in NYC, too bad not all of it is being soon or sold. #
  • Why is pot illegal again? Can’t they just leave Michael Phelps alone…geez. #
  • Can’t believe Veken is watching the Superbowl on Twitter rather than watching it on the web (we don’t have cable anymore). #
  • Met acquaintance from Egypt who said he lost 140K to Madoff scheme. All this still feels like the tip of the iceberg. #
  • What a great idea: Would It Be Cheaper (& More Efficient) for NY Times To Send Free Kindles To Paper Subscribers? #
  • Best line I’ve read all day: “Living in NY is all about learning to live with loss…nostalgia is for the suburbs.” #
  • In case u were interested in the make of Michael Phelps’ infamous bong (as a design connoisseur I sure am) look here: #
  • What do cookie monster, a pink gorilla & an emperor penguin have in common? They were jammin’ in Union Sq station: #
  • RT @tandmark: New on Twitter — San Francisco’s Museum of African Diaspora: @MoADsf #
  • Tax time is fast approaching but things are a tad complicated for married same-sex NY couples..argh: #
  • Just discovered people can get really peeved because of something that you tweet…so apologies to people I’ve offended. #
  • If I hear one more person rave about Nick Cave at Jack Shainman I may scream…I get it, I’m running there this week: #
  • The Matta show at Pace on 57th Street is quite lovely…now I know who George Condo steals from. #
  • Ok everyone…I changed my Twitter name to @hragv …btw, all the extra time you save typing out my name should be used to do good deeds. #
  • At @MoMA Gianikian & Ricci Lucchi film retro: stunning slow experimental shorts tonight all tinted & grainy found footage…directors here. #
  • Next venue: boutique opening in the new “Bowery District”…gotta love the new hood name: #
  • My New Orleans’ Prospect.1 review in Brooklyn Rail! – & accompanying photo set (thanks @veken) #
  • Barbara Gladstone & Barbara Gladstone Gallery on list of Madoff victims: #
  • Bill that’d allow same-sex partners same immigration rights as heteros being intro’d next week in Congress, pls support: #

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