Rob Andrews to Perform “Grace Minotaur” Feb 20 at Grace Exhibition Space

Guerrilla Performance by Rob Andrews at English Kills "Maximum Perception: Contemporary Brooklyn Performance"

I was happy to hear from performance artist Rob Andrews, who is presenting latest work “GRACE MINOTAUR” at Grace Exhibition Space in Bushwick later this month.

Here’s the gist from his press release:

I met a minotaur ten years ago.
My sister taught me that you can make your body a hole, and remarkably, repair it again.
My dad lives in the desert inventing imaginary non-profits in his underwear, yelling at my mom for giving him less spaghetti sauce than he deserves.
America ate my dad and my sister. Or they ate it and shit it out. Or it shit them out. That’s why I make art. To eat it. Let it eat me. Shit myself out. To make the minotaur’s art. Let it shit me out.
I reduce our mythology–in the hope of emancipating it.

After a write up like that I had to ask Rob some questions about his upcoming performance: What is “Grace Minotaur” about?

Rob Andrews: “Grace Minotaur” is about what constitutes “grace” as an idea. I’m interested in the notion that we suffer and hope (simultaneously sometimes) in full view of each other – and rather nakedly. This performance creates a situation where that tension is hopefully palpable.

Your press release suggests there is some autobiography about this piece, particularly about your dad and sister. Can you elaborate?

As we all have I’m sure, in my case through illness in my family and a certain definition and defense of masculinity in my household growing up, born witness to the particular kind of suffering the human mind can wreak on itself. The construction of “family” or “self” in light of this suffering is of interest to me. I’m an educator. I’m a son. I’m an artist. Now, I’m a father. All of these roles are connected. This performance is emblematic of that connection.

What is it about the Minotaur that attracts you to the image? What does it represent to you?

I’m attracted to the minotaur’s potential for embodying the contrary. He’s man and animal. Powerful yet impotent. The minotaur was left chained up by his creator and forgotten. I’m not sure it matters who made him anymore – but maybe America made the minotaur. Like I said, it doesn’t matter. You’re the minotaur. I’m the minotaur. My wife is the minotaur. My son is the minotaur.
“Grace Minotaur” by Rob Andrews, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 7:00 – 11:00 PM, free admission, performance starts at 8:00 PM, Food by Big Dicks Hot Dogs/Technical Direction by Room 404 Media/ After-Performance music by Asakomusic

Photo above: A view of Andrews’ guerrilla performance at English Kills during their “Maximum Perception: Contemporary Brooklyn Performance” exhibition last summer.

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  1. I am impressed and love the creative thought behind the work. Would love to talk to the artist about life in general. What are his perspectives on compassion and atonement?

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