Reflecting on The Week {2009-02-14}

  • Checked out Caroll Taveras Photo Studio on Atlantic Ave (great experience & she’s super great)…some pics: #
  • Just got a birthday invite from Veken’s 5 yr old niece & she decided @veken & I shared the same last name cuz we’re married. Kinda cute. #
  • 45 min. for a table at NE Kingdom in Bushwick? WOW! The Barrio has definitely changed. #
  • At Swoon’s swimming cities benefit in Bushwick (915 Wycloff): #
  • Best outfits at party so far: milkman, Abba Jesus & topless vest girl. #
  • Just spotted a woman with tattoo of a Banksy image (girl with heart balloon)….lame! #
  • I wonder how many peeps the Chinese gov’t is going to put to death for Rem Koolhaas hotel fire: (via @schmelzenfreude) #
  • Plan tonight…studio visit, 20×200 party, write for 3 blogs, work on notes, go to gym…all possible? Ummmm… #
  • I am one post away from my 1000th blog post on …it’s a nice little landmark that I owe to @veken 🙂 #
  • Best line I’ve read all day: “This gives me so many mixed emoticons.” #
  • I fixed an earlier post on the Caroll Taveras Photo Studio on Atlantic Ave…it’s open till Feb 14 so go now! #
  • RT @MikeRiggs: Insane Twitter fight between National Post reporter and source: (& I thought my tweets were bad!) #
  • Front row at fashion show in Chelsea. I feel dirty & fabulous at the same time. #
  • I hope yesterday’s stimulus package included more food for models, they look like they’re starving: #
  • DUMBO Arts Center is auctioning Julian Schnabel PJs (signed) & Annie Liebowitz photo of Schnabel on eBay: #
  • RT @artfagcity: A dead deer dumped in front of New Museum. @forwardretreat #
  • At Rico Gatson show at Ron Feldman gallery: lots of optimism & plays with light in the show (worth a visit): #
  • Hillary Clinton makes cameo in General Howe’s “Our Lady of the Streets” at Street Crush at AlphaBeta (Greenpt): #

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