Reflecting on The Week {2009-02-21}

"Grace Minotaur" by Rob Andrews

“Reflecting on The Week” appears every Saturday and compiles my tweet-filled week:

  • Sideshow Gallery’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” filled with joy–hope it signals return of more salon style shows: #
  • Last thing I wanted to see today in am art exhibition is horse penis…thank you (NOT) Jack the Pelican gallery: #
  • Spotted funny Madoff sticker, Scumdog Billionaire: #
  • I corrected my Caroll Taveras post…they were 4x5s, not digital images. Sorry Caroll. #
  • RT @bhoggard: Just saw Domino’s Pizza delivery in my bldg. Some should have their wealth expropriated & given to someone who belongs in NYC #
  • Feeling less than snarky today. Need an online tune-up. #
  • Growing Rich by Blogging Is a High-Tech Fairy Tale: #
  • Did anyone else’s feedburner stats tank today? Mine were cut in half. Huh? #
  • RT @GroundswellBlog: Babylon Falling Presents a Contemporary History of America’s Radical Underground Newspapers #
  • Brilliant Twitter wisdom….RT @willprince: “when I have answers I write a book, when I have questions I curate a show” -Nicolas Bourriaud #
  • RT @bhoggard: RT @whitneymuseum: Recession sucks so we’re offering our Twitter followers $5 admission (2/18-3/8): #
  • RT @JillConner: Menand’s essay in the New Yorker: everyone stopped asking the right questions and art became entertainment. That’s over. #
  • “When a place gets boring, even the rich people leave.” Jane Jacobs (via #
  • Overheard on E 59th St from woman on cell: “She was fat and ugly…she really didn’t fit in with us.” #
  • “Going Postal” at Ad Hoc worth visit. New gallery (Eastern District) opening next door…they are finishing hanging their 1st show. #
  • At Grace Exhibition Space now. Rob Andrews performance amazing & Big Dick’s Hot Dogs “performance” hilarious…they serve vertical tacos. #
  • [PICTURED ABOVE:] Blind man at event & someone is explaining to him that there’s a half naked minotaur chained to a column sitting in a lazy boy. I <3 NY #
  • Doing late night studio visit in Bed-Stuy. He said a video piece of his was banned in Syria ‘cuz censor said his penis visible 17 times. #

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