Hertz Tries Guerrilla “Street” Marketing

Public Ad Campaign just posted about this obviously illegal Hertz campaign I spotted last weekend in my hood. I didn’t feel compelled to write about it until I spotted the pseudo-missing flyers that are accompanying the sidewalk stencils.

This is one guerrilla campaign that I hope they crack down on. Btw, I spotted both pictured here near 26th Street & Eighth Ave.

Hertz Guerilla Ad Campaign

If you click on the flyer image you can read the sappy copy….if you’re missing trees rent a car, no really that’s the gist of it.

Hertz Guerilla Ad Campaign

Advertising cars to bicyclists? Are you serious?

One response to “Hertz Tries Guerrilla “Street” Marketing”

  1. yeah, i saw the fliers too, at first i thought it was going to be someone’s art piece..
    interesting that since i heart street art, sidewalk stencils, etc. hertz doing it feels like visual pollution to me, like they are “slumming” to be hip, invading a space they don’t belong in. a big part of the street art thing has to do with the evidence of the individual making the effort (risking arrest, putting in the hours) to be seen, to share, to get their word out.
    a corporation paying to do this just doesn’t work, not so dissimilar to the poster boy/moma thing

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