Poster Boy Remixes MoMA Subway Ads…Was it Commissioned?


First it was reported by New York Magazine that Poster Boy was commissioned to remix MoMA’s posters and now the Modern is denying it.

If you ask me, it sounds like artistic schemes are getting as complicated as financial ones.

Btw, when did PB start turning to corporate media–rather than indy blogs and alternate media–to report on his stuff or give interviews?

Perhaps this is all some elaborate publicity stunt for his upcoming show (sponsored by Public Ad Campaign) that opens on April 3 (and runs until May 3) at Bushwick’s newest gallery Eastern District. CORRECTION: Venue has changed, it’s staged to go on at 17 Frost Gallery now (March 21 – April 21, 2009). CORRECTION AGAIN: Seems that the Eastern District show hasn’t changed, the Frost Gallery show was another thing all together. So, the April 3 thing is still on.

It is starting to become obvious that the whole Poster Boy thing is more performance art than anything else…I mean, is that a drag queen & a spotlight in the photo with him?

Also of interest, I spotted a PB art work at the recent Street Crush street art show in Greenpoint…coincidentally, it wasn’t for sale.

Poster Boy Remixes MoMA Subway Ads — Vulture — Entertainment & Culture Blog — New York Magazine.

UPDATE: Guess shouldn’t be surprised with Poster Boy’s latest association with MoMA, they’d already appropriated his style for ads: (1st posted on Twitter)…though Luna Park‘s & C-Monster‘s reaction to the PB subway-remix thing are reflection worthy.

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