Reflecting on The Week {2009-02-28}

Celso Dominates the Front Desk

  • RT @artfagcity: Was waiting for @e_flux mailer but @aczine broke the news. AFC wins Creative Cap Arts Writers grant: #
  • I think I’ve found my new favorite Twitter app for the iPhone Twifferfon: …thanks @veken #
  • I’m sick today but had to share this RT @artfagcity: Duchamp’s Belle haleine perfume bottle at auction today – Est: 1M. Sold: 11M. #
  • Looks like Gagosian is hanging out with Roman Abramovich or at least they were spotted together at the YSL auction: #
  • RT @jonnodotcom: Things Mardi Gras has taught me: The less you’re wearing when you leave the house, the earlier you should come home. #
  • RT @jonnodotcom: New Orleans Mardi Gras 2009: #
  • Suggestion for those who don’t see charm in NYC’s grit: “There’s a place for you. It’s called Toronto.” #
  • Open discussion tonight among No. Brooklyn artists about opportunities for public art in Williamsburg & funding: #
  • Poster Boy is doing PR remixing for the MoMA? Can you spell the word PROBLEMATIC! #
  • MoMAdenying they’re working with Poster Boy…sounds like art schemes are getting as complicated as financial ones: #
  • Bushwick’s newest gallery opens Feb 27, Eastern District: (latest PR on ArtCal: #
  • RT @culturepundits: @artfagcity is now contributing to The Daily Beast …GO PADDY! #
  • Guess shouldn’t be surprised with Poster Boy’s latest assoc. w MoMA, they’d already appropriated his style for ads: #
  • Hey Everyone, My blog is undergoing some redesign (& server switching) so it will be momentarily down for the next hour or so. Wish me luck! #
  • RT @mykey81: Bronx man arrested for hate crime murder in Bushwick #
  • And a word about Poster Boy from his PR machine & April exhibition sponsor (I’m sure this makes him objective): #
  • Everyone wants to lead an anti-advertising revolution nowadays…presenting Princess Hijab: (@iteeth) #
  • I got itchy reading James Wagner’s post on Martin Kippenberger @MoMA: (p.s. I’m severely allergic to birch) #
  • My blog is revamped & live (thanks to @veken) so check out the new #

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