Feeling Guilty

Should I feel guilty that I’m one of the only New York art bloggers that don’t give a crap about the art fairs? Am I going to break down and post something? Stay tuned…

4 responses to “Feeling Guilty”

  1. Louisya Avatar

    Why should you feel guilty? You are in touch with what you like and dont like. Is someone trying to make you feel guilty?

  2. hv Avatar

    Umm…the world…but don’t worry, I’ll stave off the guilt 😉

  3. Barry Avatar

    You don’t have to write about anything you don’t want to. I may post a few images of works I liked by people I had never heard of before.

  4. Leah Sandals Avatar

    I would be interested if you wrote more about the guilt. Sometimes I get this feeling about shows I “should” see, or shows I have seen and “should” blog about, or if everybody else is doing it, maybe I should too, etc.

    I would also, just in the context of writing about art fairs, be interested in why you don’t want to cover them. I think on twitter you said something about this, but it would be good to know in more detail.

    For my part, my main reaction to art fairs is visual overwhelm-ment, whether the work is good or bad. And then I get scared I can no longer tell good from bad. That part of the problem for you? Could just be me.

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