Reflecting on The Week {2009-03-14}

Image via C-Monster

  • At Denise Bibro and thinking of ways to sabotage panel. Should I streak? Fake a seizure? Mumble endless non sequitors? #
  • Do I write tonight or drink shitloads and wake up tomorrow with regrets? #
  • At Bridge Art Fair and while everyone seemed to hate it I’m enjoying the low key-ness of it…yes, I broke down and went to an art fair. #
  • Yum…donuts at Bridge (McCaig Welles): #
  • At PULSE now…I knew going to one fair would be a slippery slope. Memo to self use press pass more often, gets you tons of perks 😉 #
  • A magical beer bike showed up and gave us a beer (for a $2 tip). #
  • Hype is right. Cordy Ryman @ DCKT Contemporary is impressive. He creates sensitive pieces that hum with ambition: #
  • Overheard leaving PULSE: “Ok, now tell me about your drunk Twitter.” Didn’t have guts to tell him the word is tweet & I was eavesdropping. #
  • Just discovered Flickr video has a 150MB limit! Damn, my 90 sec HD video was 185…Argh!!!! #
  • Enjoyed playing with new iMovie–the stabilizing feature is great for shaky clips. Planning blog schedule for the month. #
  • Hate everyone today, want everyone dead (outside of my fellow tweeters) and can’t wait to be in bed…which won’t be for a while. #
  • My review of Queer Batman from Bridge Art Fair got a shout out from the Village Voice today: (thanx @veken) #
  • RT @artfagcity: RT @ntmce @jenbee The New Republic Media Misery Index More bad news for newspapers & print media #
  • Just Seeds lets Shepard Fairey have it. “Once again Fairey gives us a road map of capitalism in motion.” #
  • Note from friend: “abandoned R Bolano’s 2666. it was too gloomy for winter of the Recession…reading Julia Child’s bio instead: rapturous!” #
  • I’m jealous of everyone going to SXSW Interactive…life ain’t fair! #
  • RT @theartblog: Facebook performance tomorrow by Rachel Perry Welty…how you ask? #
  • Try this…it’s fun & shows you who tweets links to your blog: (thanks @veken) #
  • RT @thatwaszen: Join a 500+ person twerformance! Add @platea and check out for more info. (pls RT *everywhere*) #
  • Great graffiti image of Jackson Pollock taken by @lunaparknyc: #
  • RT @TylerGreenDC: Regina Hackett is coming to ArtsJournal! #
  • RT @LaraABCNews: AlQassimi: “Arab street…not outraged…[by] killing in Darfur…[cuz] Arabs…carrying out…crimes” #
  • My review & interview with VANDAL SQUAD author Joseph Rivera for my Re:Public column on ArtCat Zine: #
  • Though I’m bad at recognizing celebrities I just spotted Annie Leibowitz & she looked poor (just sayin’) walkin’ on 59th St #
  • Robert Wilson’s loft on Great Jones (former resident of Rothko) on sale (“[he] initially [lived here] as a squatter.” #

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