My Twitterview with An Xiao This Wednesday

anhragHow My Twitterview with An Xiao Was Born, Snapshot from My iPhone’s TwitterFon App

Join me this Wednesday, March 18 at 9pm EST, when I will be interviewing artist An Xiao via Twitter about her recent project @Platea, a “stweet” art collective interested in the power of public art via social media.

We’ll also be talking about social media-related art, the important of public discourse and the impact of Twitter in general.

An was the first artist commissioned by the Brooklyn Museum for their 1stfans Twitter feed. Her past projects have included the Street Haiku project and The True Sexual Tales of the Exotic Zoë Kitsu, a blog-based sexual fantasia.

Our chat will be public and open to questions from the twitterverse.

Check us out & join in:

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