My Leisurely Sunday (Video, 1 min.)
My Leisurely Sunday
An experiment…indulge me.

7 responses to “My Leisurely Sunday (Video, 1 min.)”

  1. houri Avatar

    Amazing! you never seize to inspire me. Looking forward to more “visual” experimentations. I was a little distracted with narration, were you supposed to be heard? it was a bit low but I have to say it added to the mystery and the ice cream truck ending made it even more Film Noir type. I want more!!!

  2. Louisya Avatar

    I love it. It reminds me of CBS Sunday Morning. Please do more. I love hearing your voice and seeing a bit of your handsome face. Was Veken with you? Would be great to see him as well. Actually you just inspired me to do something visual….

  3. Hrag Avatar

    Well, I wasn’t expecting to use sound in the film but the ice cream truck was to precious not the include. I’m curious where this is going to go myself. 🙂

  4. Hrag Avatar

    Thanks Louisya, but unfortunately Veken is in Texas for work. I would love to see your experiments.

  5. Lyra Avatar

    Weird how the Little Brown Jug song sounds so eerie under the globe and grey sky…too bad you couldn’t convey how delicious those dumplings were!

  6. Hrag Avatar

    Maybe my next vid will be a dining report…though I’ve heard you should eat twice or three times at a place before you review it.

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