Daniel Cooney Gallery Organizes Auction of Emerging Photographers

allisonHarrington/Wermager, Animals in Landscape II, 2008

When the times are tough, galleries get creative and few have been as creative as Chelsea’s Daniel Cooney Gallery, which has begun to offer workshops for photographers and organize auctions for emerging photographers (which they debuted last December). I really like the idea of offering emerging artists a sales venue outside of the traditional gallery space.

Check out the 37 items up for bidding here and snag one of these completely affordable photos for your collection. Auction ends March 26, 2009.

murphyMichael David Murphy, Barbers for Change, Atlanta, GA, 2008

Artists in the Emerging Photographers auction: Brian Buckley, Ashley Clark, Palmer Davis, Scott Eiden, Sean Fader, Jason Falchook, Manya Fox, Nicholas Gaffney, Alan George, David Gilbert, Greg Halpern, Harrington/Wermager, Mark Havens, Elizabeth Hickok, Alexi Hobbs, Peter Holzhauer, Kate Hutchinson, Aram Jibilian, Mickey Kerr, Ani Kington, Katie Kline, Natalie Krick, Sara Code Kroll, Brian Lesteberg, Gina LeVay, Diane Meyer, Darin Mickey, Michael David Murphy, Ahndraya Parlato, Maria Passarotti, J. Gilbert Plantinga, Susana Raab, Ellen Rennard, Laurie Sermos, Satomi Shirai, Jane Tam, & Troy Williams.

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