Reflecting on The Week {2009-03-21}

View of the audience

  • Most offensive video ever, created by defense contractor to drum up business in India (via Conscientious): #
  • RT @artfagcity RT @RonHogan: quote from @cshirky: “Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism.” ( #
  • Just saw Jonathan Horowitz show at PS1 & as we were leaving my friend said: “I feel like I just ate a whole lotta Entemanns.” #
  • Fabulous thought from friend: “I wonder if texting while walking has made its way into modern dance yet.” #
  • Okamoto Studio’s Untitled (2009) at thé Queens International 4: #
  • A critic friendly biennial in Queens: #
  • Tried this & very cool. RT @shepherdfx: Watching SXSW tweets w Twitterfall is like panning for gold…some real nuggets…in the stream. #
  • Hoping it’s a good thing & assuming its RE twitter…RT @artfagcity: “your grandkids are going to know everything you do” @garyvee via @upso #
  • Greenjeans closed their store last year & now their web shop…a sad day for craft in Brooklyn: #
  • RT @veken: Powderly thinks graffiti needs to stay *illegal* to keep everyone from doing it. Should be a limited # of transgressors. #sxsw #
  • Standing in line for the Tehching Hsieh lecture @moma. Hope it doesn’t take a year for them to open the doors. #
  • Marina Abramovic is in the audience & calls Hsieh a zen master. #
  • Obama backs down from campaign promise to use the word genocide for Armenian Genocide: #
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Pub Map for NYC: #
  • Tonight is the big Twitterview btw myself & @thatwaszen about @Platea. Check it out…. 9p EST #
  • Good question @artwhirled ….so, @thatwaszen are there any “happening” or performance artists you’re looking to for @platea? #axhv #
  • Merriam-Webster’s adds a new definition to marriage in include same-sex ones (via Unzipped): #
  • Jack Bush: Works on Paper opens today at Studio School…lovely blasts of classic 60s Canadian abstraction: #
  • [PICTURED ABOVE] There is more press than audience members at the Vandal Squad event at powerHouse books in DUMBO: #
  • Dumbest question tonight: “What’s wrong with graffitti it creates jobs cleaning it.” Why are proponents of graff their own worst enemies? #
  • Good question: “Why didn’t you include street art in Vandal Squad book? Why only graff?” Probably b/c it’s not as “pretty” as wheatpastes. #
  • I ditched the book event. Questions & dialogue were going nowhere. Time for martinis & humous. #
  • Just accidentally crash Brooklyn Designs party & the bartender just stirred my martini & didn’t shake it. I think I’m in love. #
  • Line of the night: “Little boy, this isn’t interpretative dance, this is parchesi!” #
  • Does anyone know the name of the patch between the anus & the testicles? #
  • RT @Astrogirl: James Powderly (GRL) sez: fuck you too #SXSW. He asks audience to flip him the bird while he snaps a pic- #
  • Rewatching Olivier Assayas’ Irma Vep as snow falls outside. Tonight off to Grace Exh Space for Peter Dobill’s Sans Tête performance. #
  • RT @librarycongress: Lib of Congress acquires coll of 125 Amer Absract prints (Guston, Hartigan, Krasner, Lobdell…) #
  • Peter Dobill’s “Sans tête” performance begins…crowd slowly arrives: #
  • And it continues as the audience covers him with paint, seeds, charcoal & cow tongues: #
  • Guy tried to get his dog to paint Peter but the pooch freaked out. Canine is obviously a traditionalist & an art critic. #
  • Met 23 yr old who confided in me that she wanted to jack Peter off during his performance & then told me I look too young to be married. #
  • And the performance nears climax: #
  • Just uploaded set of graff-related pics to Flickr & they received 114 views in the last 5 mins via an unknown source. Huh? Little scary. #

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