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  • This is an important essay that reminds us that as an arts community we are failing the PR war.

    "The arts are going to need a better strategy. And in the end it's going to have to come from art itself, from the benefits art brings, in a world where popular culture — which has gotten smart and serious — also helps bring depth and meaning to our lives."

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    luna park

    also worth reading: eyal press’ essay on the impact of the economic crisis on the non-profit sector as a whole. the following easily applies to arts organizations as well:

    “Nonprofit agencies love to portray themselves as mission-driven operations staffed by underpaid idealists who never think about themselves, but the field also has its share of organizations that lack a clear mission and sometimes seem more concerned with burnishing their image than advancing social change or meeting their clients’ needs. If such groups are forced to rethink their priorities or close their doors, it might not be a bad thing. “Has there been a nonprofit bubble along the lines of the market bubble?” asks Gara LaMarche. “Probably, and it’s beginning to burst. Are there too many small groups? Are the bigger groups as creative and intelligent with their resources as they could be? Do turf issues tend to get in the way of joint ventures? These conversations may be driven by crisis, but out of it could come some more effective ways of doing things.” “

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