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  1. Lunettes Rouges Avatar

    I don’t know if Art Dubai offered free trips to ‘reporters who wanted a vacation’, but, besides the fact that I am not a journalist, I was not invited by the Fair (nor by any body associated with the Fair, nor by Bastakiya, nor by the Sharjah Biennale), and, except for a few drinks and a bus ride from Dubai to Sharjah, I did not receive any benefit from the Fair. Having other reasons to go there, I paid for my trip and for my acommodation myself. To be frank, I find your insinuation unfair and slightly demeaning

  2. Hrag Avatar

    I appreciate your input, though I’m sure you’re aware that the UAE has been very aggressive about attracting international press to write about them. I commend you for taking the initiative and covering the event as an independent, that is truly FANTASTIC and your blog has always been excellent, that’s why I enjoy linking to it and take the extra time to read it in French (I admit my French skills have unfortunately eroded since my school days). Though considering your blog is associated with Le Monde newspaper I’m not sure how you are not a journalist, perhaps there is something I am missing? I would love your clarification on the matter.

  3. Lunettes Rouges Avatar

    Anybody can open a blog on the platform, once you become a subscriber of the website There are about 850 active blogs on the platform; about 30 of them, the ‘invited’ blogs have more visibility and more readers. But we are not journalists, but totally independent.
    Why don’t you try ? You could practice your French then

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