Some Works from Ad Hoc’s “Going Postal”

I never got around (till now) to posting these pics from the “Going Postal” show in late February so here goes.

Celso Dominates the Front Desk

Celso provides the backdrop for the DJ and a welcoming site for the show. Btw, I think these may be some of his best works to date.


Blanco starts trying something new and pulls off a nice big image with some fresh colors (including silver).

Claws Creates Something Special

By far the crowd favorite, Alone gets extra points for pushing the limits of the mailing label.

Elbowtoe Goes Postal

I don’t think I’ve even seen a mailing label by Elbowtoe so either this is a tongue-in-cheek creation or maybe we should all be paying more attention to the labels around the city and looking for fragments of images like this one.

Faust Goes Hardcore Calligraphic

Faust is an amazing calligrapher and no where is his skill more obvious than in these great detail-like panels.

Curated by Martha Cooper, “Going Postal” coincides with the release of her book of the same name. Published by Mark Batty Publishers, it is available on Amazon. I will publish a review of the book, along with her book Tag Town, on my Re:Public column later this month.

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