Reflecting on The Week (2009-04-04)


From the ENJOY BANKING Flickrstream

  • Some photos & notes from Peter Dobill’s “Sans Tête” Action Performance last night in Bushwick: #
  • Busted up Pokemon: Justin White’s illustrations #
  • The 14 Types of Twitter Personalities: #
  • [PICTURED ABOVE] “Enjoy Subprime Lending” people posted comment with link t site on my blog…Twitter here: @enjoybanking #
  • Sign of the times (photo) #
  • An interview def worth a look: James Wagner interviewed by @qipeng #
  • The New Yorker discovers that Samuel Beckett’s letters can sound a helluva lot like Twitter: #
  • I’ve decided to write an ode to martinis…um, just after I finish this one…or two. Ok, it may not get written. #
  • Tell me twitterverse, who do you love? #
  • Portrait of Andy Warhol as a Banana by Basquiat: #
  • Caillebotte exhibition opens tomorrow at Brooklyn Museum: #
  • I want to be the president of the Internet. #
  • I’m glad they’re ditching the Freedom Tower name in favor of the old World Trade Center…FT sounds like propaganda. YUCK! #
  • I made a mistake & saw the Alfred Jaar show at LeLong first. It is emotionally devastating & I may have to cut my gallery crawl short. #
  • Very atypical show at Shafrazi Gallery…Thoralf Knoblich: rather banal: #
  • Walked by old Limelight nightclub & saw former temple of excess & hedonism is now being rented for sample sales: #
  • Boycott Jamaica, ‘the most homophobic place on earth’ #
  • Overheard in midtown: “…I think he came from a rough part of Canada or something…” #
  • #
  • Great tidbit about Voltaire: #
  • Daguerreotype of NYC c.1840s Sold for $62,500 at Sotheby’s : #
  • I haven’t decided if the fact that the guy who works at the Starbucks near my apt knows me on a first name basis is a good thing. #
  • Best April Fools so far: Guardian Ditches Print Ed for Twitter “Experts say any story can be told in 140 characters” #
  • Just looking at figures for Christie’s INTERIORS sale today #2151 looks like a disaster…Michael Goldberg (est. 6-8K) went for $563. #
  • Good news from Iowa: Iowa Supreme Court has unanimously struck down state’s ban on same-sex marriage: #

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