Art Bum Waits for His White Male Privilege to Kick In (Comic)


“Basquiat’s crown on loan.”

From Lawrence Swan’s evolving Art Bum Comix, and posted with permission of the artist.

6 responses to “Art Bum Waits for His White Male Privilege to Kick In (Comic)”

  1. I believe he’s making a statement about the artist as outsider. Regardless of identity, the artist is eternally on the outside and it is really about degrees of alienation from the mainstream.

  2. Where you believe the alienation is attributed to or towards? I wonder if the alienation is self-imposed to protect what one does not understand.

  3. I think the role of the artist is always as an outsider if it is going to be successful, and I don’t mean monetarily.

  4. So from one artist to another

    I love you and I am so blessed to have you as a friend and supporter.

  5. Kafka, when asked if he felt a kinship to his Jewish community, said “I don’t even feel a kinship with myself!” – or words to that effect.

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