How Viral Goes Stupid: Loren Munk’s New Museum Gets Punk’d Vid As Case Study


Nothing irks a blogger more than no link respect. My post yesterday about Loren Munk’s video vignette of the New Museum getting pwnd has gone viral and today got picked up by AnimalNY, then Gothamist & finally Curbed (who knows where else it’ll end up).

The problem is that while Animal was kind enough to cite Loren’s name and my blog, the other two blogs wrote that “Animal reports” and “reports AnimalNY”…ummm, what exactly qualifies as “reporting”? Linking? That’s not cool guys because Loren did the reporting and the rest of us linked away.

Purging Loren’s name makes the rest of us–that do the grunt work for free–think you’re a bunch of douch bags….and btw, you didn’t give me any link love either.

Kottke had a great post about this phenomenon today: “Extreme borrowing in the blogosphere.”

ANIMAL NY: Guerilla Banner Artist Displays Latest Work on New Museum
GOTHAMIST: Artist Stalks New Museum
CURBED: Hell Yes, Me!

One response to “How Viral Goes Stupid: Loren Munk’s New Museum Gets Punk’d Vid As Case Study”

  1. Congratulations Hrag,
    as usual you’re you’re ahead of the curve on this one. Personally, I don’t have time to monitor all this stuff. I’ve had my YouTube pieces butchered ten way to sundown, but whose got the time or energy to track it all down?
    thanks for your vigilance,
    and stay tuned

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