Adbusters Wins in Court, Establishes Airwaves are Public NOT Private Property

Brand Baby Poster. Photo courtesy of Adbusters

According to Adbusters this new Canadian ruling establishes that:

…airwaves are public property – just like city sidewalks or parks. They are a public space where freedom of speech must prevail. This is an inspiring idea for media activists and could pave the way for further legal victories down the road not only on the TV airwaves, but in cyberspace as well.

Not surprisingly, none of Canwest’s 13 daily newspapers or 23 TV channels covered the appeal court ruling. The silence has been deafening. Canadians citizens should be aware that the largest media conglomerate in our country is censoring the news to suit its own interests. Here’s who did cover the story: CBC Radio, the Globe and Mail, the Georgia Straight and the Tyee [and Art Threat!].

CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, MTV and the Food Channel have also repeatedly refused to sell us airtime over the past 15 years and we would like to launch a freedom of speech legal action in the US. If you know an American lawyer who may be interested in being part of our legal team then let us know, email kono [at] adbusters [dot] org.

via Art Threat » Adbusters wins appeal to broadcast political ads in BC court.

Coincidentally, did we all see that (almost) same logo-embossed baby at the Pulse Art Fair this year? I wonder which came first.


Dietrich Wegner at Carrie Secrist Gallery (pic via Oly’s Musings)

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