New School Occupied, Police Storm Building, Rally to Free Arrested Students


I got a slow mental start to the day but when I received an email from one of the New School organizers I woke up immediately…his email read: “New school occupied. Riot cops deployed.”

Here are some useful links to get you up to speed on the story.

Earlier, the members of the group hung banners and red and black anarchy flags and were parading around the roof with bandannas masking their faces. Around 9:30 a.m., police officers were observed on the roof of the adjacent building. Just before 11:00 a.m., police made their way down a ladder to the top of the New School building, where they took down the protesters’ signs and flags.

  • A friend just tweeted that according to Channel 7, 200 cops are there.
  • New School blogger: “Rally NOW at 6th Precinct! Let’s get them free! 233 w10th at Bleecker. NOW” (via StudentActivism)

This is turning into some story.

UPDATE: “Police have retaken occupied New School building. 19 arrests – 15 men, 4 women.” (via StudentActivism, follow their tweets here)

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  1. Lawrence Swan Avatar

    “One of the masked figures read a lengthy critique of capitalism and contemporary life, which a student below identified as an essay, “On the Poverty of Student Life,” that originated at the University of Strasbourg,” according to the Times. It originated with the Situationists. I know because I borrowed from the same text for the Semiotic Liberation Front.

  2. […] observer with a sense of history provides a link to “On the Poverty of Student Life,” the 1966 Situationist manifesto […]

  3. […] I thought this story might be cooling down, but instead it’s exploding! Check out this link-filled update by Hrag Vartanian on the occupation & arrests at The New School over the mass firings of adjunct fine art […]

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