Identity of Man Who Punk’d New Museum Revealed


And the plot thickens…Loren Munk got the following email from a French artist known as the Immaterial Art Emperor who claims responsibility for the New Museum banner:

Thank you for the New Museum banner add.
Just to tell you that there is no link between the banner and the (bad) painting.
I will soon do the video of this intrusion, I let you know about it.
Thank you for your attention.
The immaterial art emperor
Marc-Antoine Léval

Well, I’m relieved that the painting had nothing to do with the banner but, then again, why was the same sticker on the work?

Can’t wait to see the video but judging by his website these “intrusions” are the bread & butter of his art. He did a series of banners at art fairs begging art collecting bigwig François Pinault–who is also one of the richest men in France–to buy his work.

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  1. I like this guy, I like this guy’s work. I think maybe moreso because I can’t understand what is being said in his documentation videos so I just substitute feelings of amazing humor and cleverness.

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