Reflecting on The Week (2009-04-11)

Art Fag City Review at Schroeder Romero

  • RT @PaulPincus: “Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves.” – Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) #
  • RT @art21 @tylergreendc @artfagcity @veken artbabble artbabble…all the cool kids are doin’ it #
  • RT @michaelpinto @markosmoulitsas: Phoenix police raid home of blogger who criticized Phoenix police. #
  • Flag of US Marriage Equality now has 4 stars (46 to go): #
  • Learning that some people only give you respect when you ignore them…not really the type of relationship I want to foster with someone. #
  • Twitter inspired street art (via RebelArt): #
  • RT @veken: Just spotted group of “Williamsburg Tourists” out my office window. Tour guide, cameras, shorts (pic) #
  • I’ve friended my first canine on Facebook, Axl Superdog…does this mean everyone I know with a pet is now going to make be friend them? UGH #
  • Just got this note from a New School protest organizer (can anyone confirm?): “New school occupied. Riot cops deployed.” #
  • RT @studentactivism: NY1 reporting “at least two” students have been removed from New School occupation by cops. #newschool #NSIE #
  • The timeline of New School occupation related tweets here: (via NYULocal) #
  • NY Times: Police Storm Occupied New School Building: #
  • RT @studentactivism: Police have retaken occupied New School building. 19 arrests – 15 men, 4 women. #newschool #nsie #
  • RT @studentactivism: New School says occupiers “injured a security officer,” student paper says cops “maced” 2 protesters. #
  • NYT says video shows cops pepper-spraying New School occupiers, knocking down outside protester. (via @studentactivism) #
  • Lawrence Swan says New School students read statement originally used by Situationists “On the Poverty of Student Life” #
  • [Pictured Above] Doing Friday night scene on W27 Street. Now dinner. #

2 responses to “Reflecting on The Week (2009-04-11)”

  1. Oly Avatar

    Is that photo of the William Powhida show?
    Haven’t gotten to it yet, so I’m taking a wild stab here.

  2. hv Avatar

    Yup…pretty representative, no?

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