And Now a Message from New School Officials About the Fine Art Dept.

newschoollogoI got an email today suggesting I check out this message from the Provost at the New School regarding the Fine Art Dept. Here’s an excerpt:

I am writing to you with an update on the situation in the Parsons Fine Arts program. Since our letter of April 8, 2009, we have heard from many people on the changes that are being enacted in the program. While there is considerable enthusiasm for the general direction we are moving in, there has also been concern voiced by some valued members of our faculty community. Our failure to consult and communicate adequately as we strive to broaden our Fine Arts program is simply that: a lack of communication and participation. I am committed to improving the former and working to create the conditions to enable the latter.

I’d love to know where the “enthusiasm for the general direction” is coming from. Read the rest yourself but it sounds like the Parsons Fine Art protests (not to mention the rally tomorrow) may be making the right kind of waves and attracting attention from higher ups who realize that things have been handled badly.

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