Reflecting on The Week (2009-04-25)

Jack Bush show at New York Studio School

  • Just realized I have 1,111 posts on my blog (…I like that number. #
  • I just unfollowed the FakeSarahPalin, feels like the end of a twera: #
  • Is Pulitzer Prize relevant anymore? I mean, I like Holland Cotter’s writing but…IMHO LATimes Christopher Knight is more Pulitzer-worthy. #
  • RT @MuseumModernArt: Interesting… 50 great examples of infographics – [these are quite lovely] #
  • RT @studentactivism: Huh. @GavinNewsom just announced he’s running for governor of CA. Three minutes ago. On Twitter. #
  • Line for Jerry Saltz lecture at NY Studio School is insane!! #
  • Saltz lecture not yet started (was scheduled to start 6 min ago) & no sign it will soon. Have a feeling this is going to be a long night. #
  • Saltz starts lecture with clip of Apocalyse Now with Doors soundtrack “…this is the end…” #
  • Consensus of everyone walking out of Saltz lecture is that it was fantastic. He really is quite a vibrant speaker. #
  • Just got message from friend via LinkedIn that she’s in Ulan Bator, Mongolia working w an arts group w help of a grant…that’s a new one. #

Photo: A view of the Jack Bush drawing show at the New York Studio School. Snapped while waiting in line for Jerry Saltz lecture.

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