Reflecting on The Week (2009-05-02)

6723484-664f73237ea25f78bde249a11c512b3f49ff89ad-scaledUnder the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO

  • At the Saturday at Phillips auction & I love how all prices are listed in US$, €, £, Chinese Yuans & Russian Rubles. #
  • [PICTURED ABOVE] Under the newly opened arch of the Manhattan Bridge: #
  • Why are all the Bushwick galleries closed on Sunday? Esp. those that advertised today as last day of their show. Fail! #
  • Make your own Google profile for Google searches…check out mine here: #
  • Got to work to discover email from Turkish American “reiterating” that Armenian Genocide didn’t happen…lovely way to start week, no? #
  • Amen! RT @ginahyams: Twitter is a tool — it’s not the end or the beginning of civilization. #
  • In a midtown Starbucks and there is a new mom feeding her baby a coffee-colored liquid in a baby bottle…she’s starting him young, no? #
  • Finally a way to make ca$h! RT @swissmiss: Oh my! got hacked. I sent traffic to porn sites. There’s a new business model… #
  • A huge list of art volk on Twitter: (I think this is via @artfagcity) #
  • OMG the Koolhaas building looks cheap & cheesy: RT @PaulPincus: Rem Koolhaas’s Prada Transformer opens in Seoul #
  • RT @RLHooper: @MattressFactory and @hragv: The list of arty twitterers is from @glasstire #
  • Someone just posted comment on my blog looking for teachers to lead a graffiti workshop on Culebra Is. (Puerto Rico): #
  • What a great way to start a vacation…three margaritas & one concoction I’ve never heard of…delightful! #
  • Now on WBAI (99.5 FM) @10AM City Watch with Bill DeFazio is discussing the Parsons Fine Art /New School controversy. #
  • At the New Museum’s Younger Than Jesus show. So far no wow. #
  • Someone just told me there’s going to be a Bushwick Biennial at Nurture Art in June. I love the idea!!!! #
  • The best reason to paint is that there is no reason to paint. — Keith Haring (via @ABrooklynArtist) #
  • Just bought National Geographic for Arctic Ocean map insert. I’m a geek ain’t I? & fact that I’m tweeting this means I must be a major one! #
  • At Miami Art Museum. It’s quite small. Not much to see: #
  • I was wrong the NeoHooDoo show on the 2nd Fl was rather good & an interesting concept. Didn’t you blog this show @cmonstah ? #
  • The Clevelander in South Beach just reopened after major reno…place is hopping tonight with street party/scene but a tad frat partyish. #
  • Snapshot from Ocean Drive as we leave the Gym Class Heroes concert at the Clevelander: #
  • I love this…so funny….CONFIRMED: Anti-gay Miss California had breast implants funded by Pageant: #
  • OMG…I’m on Pink Floyd tribute band cruise to the Bahamas & it looks like the 80s threw up in the ship: #

3 responses to “Reflecting on The Week (2009-05-02)”

  1. Joanne Mattera Art Blog Avatar

    I’m sure Jesus told miss anti-gay California to get those implants. Because nothing says holier-than-thou purity better than synthetic gelatinous sacs spilling into a tiny bikini top.

    I have nothing against “opposite marriage,” by the way. (Though technically, wouldn’t that be divorce?)-

  2. hv Avatar

    OMG Joanne….you are hilarious!!!!!!

  3. Luis Sierra Avatar

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