My Interview with EnjoyBanking, New York’s $treet Artist$ (on Art21)


A few questions from the interview I posted on Art21:

Hrag Vartanian: Is there something specific, other than the obvious economic meltdown, that triggered the EnjoyBanking campaign?

EnjoyBanking: You are partially correct—the financial meltdown is a direct catalyst for the campaign. However, the true heart of the campaign lies in responding to an underlying cause of the collapse: misinformation. Mainstream media outlets, particularly financial news networks, exacerbated the banks’ many problems with panic-driven fear mongering. The media coverage truly inflamed what John Maynard Keynes termed “animal spirits”—a concept Bob Shiller has underscored in his insightful new book. The rampant sensationalism of the 24/7 news cycle helped network ratings but did little to inform the general public about the roots of our country’s structural economic imbalances, including over-consumption, under-investment, and declining savings. Creative education and stimulating artistic/editorial content will enhance financial literacy and restore confidence in the future of free enterprise.

HV: How many people are involved in the project?

EB: A diverse cross-section of talent from New York’s creative economy—visual artists, writers, economists, photographers, historians, musicians, and filmmakers.

Read the whole thing here.

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