Reflecting on The Week (2009-05-09)

f9zAt the Aernout Mik opening at MoMA

  • On my way back to New York…I wish someone would invent some variation of the Star Trek transporter. Can’t wait to buy Marshmellow Fluff. #
  • Judith Supine is back. spotted this on N 6 in Williamsburg: (via @rionharmon) Love it! (via @MarcSchil) #
  • Don’t understand why museums in Nassau, Bahamas had no photo policy considering collections were sorry. You’d think they’d like publicity. #
  • SwineFlu fashion. Man wears surgical mask, latex gloves & alcohol swabs tray, vents & armrests on plane: #
  • Did I mention he was also eating Marshmellow Fluff? Btw, they are the official sponsor of this week in tweeting. #
  • CNN is “reporting” about questions asked of Michelle Obama by grade school kids…talk about fluff, and I don’t mean the tasty kind. #
  • RT @AlexTalks @andersoncooper: Joe The Plumber: I Would Never Let “Queers” Near My Children #
  • Surprise, surprise…nude photos of anti-gay Miss California have surfaced…is there such thing as christian porn? #
  • At Aernout Mik opening at MoMA & ordered a vodka, orange & cranberry and they only had white cranberry…unacceptable. MoMA must be hurting. #
  • [Pictured above] From the Mik opening: #
  • RNC’s Clown College (photos) via @joygarnett — brilliantly executed #
  • Maine has marriage equality! Governor Baldacci signed the bill! (via @AndyTowle) (via @veken) Great News!!! #
  • My Interview with @EnjoyBanking, New York’s $treet Artist$ on @Art21: #
  • Steve Lambert is on a roll in his anarchistic take on advertising as an enemy of true capitalism #MEET #
  • Another great Steve L quote “Advertising limits our imagination.” #MEET #
  • Tad star struck..met @swissmiss & she emits FANTASTIC energy. Now @ bar waiting for @Veken…yes, married people meet in bars too! #
  • Ding dong the witch is dead….@nytimes says Bob Kerrey to step down as New School Prez in 2011 (not soon enough): #
  • My Interview with @EnjoyBanking on @Art21 just got posted on @huffingtonpost: #
  • I love when people tell me my blog, tweets or flickr inspire them to create their own…that’s easily the best thing anyone can say to me. #

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