Reflecting on The Week (2009-05-16)

Hand Chair on Grand Street

On Grand Street (Williamsburg)

  • I think I just woke up in alternate universe…@Veken just told me he’s upset Tumblr isn’t appreciated enough in our household. Huh? #
  • Meeting tons of artists tonight offline that I’ve only previously encountered online. #
  • Oh no! I just saw a hipster in Bushwick wearing Tevas. Nooooo! Please don’t let those come back in!!! (via @Ginike) #
  • Bought an artwork by MN-based artists Broken Crow of a blue squirrel…did I ever mention I’m obsessed with those blue rodents? #
  • Feel like a failure…Co-Modify was hard (& required much more planning than I was able to give it)…apologies to @thatwaszen & @platea #
  • Makes me a tad ill that Chevron is sponsoring the digital mag version of the New Yorker: #
  • RT @bhoggard @stevelambert: Huh? NYT writes about storefront billboards…never mentions they’re illegal! Outraged! #
  • Is everyone’s blog getting slammed by spam comments that are much cleverer than before (only one link, usually YouTube). #
  • Ok, who spams blogs with links to Jean Luc Godard films on YouTube? I guess there high-minded spammers nowadays. #
  • One other thing that resonated with me today @WhiteHouse meetings: We MUST make Arts&Culture a Cabinet level position. (via @MarcSchil) YES! #
  • Apologies for not blogging more this week but I’m working on Triangle Workshop’s 100×100 fundraiser…going to be great! #
  • European artist I’m interviewing wants to conduct it via Skype cuz he’s traveling…a first for me…let’s hope sound quality doesn’t suck. #
  • New Faile prayer wheel installed in W’burg –let’s see how long it lasts, last one stolen in a week: #
  • File under WTF!? Mayor-for-life Bloomberg just picked Investment Banker from Lehman Bros to head NYC Housing Authority: #
  • Just watching some Eurovision songs & they mostly sound like copies of Cher or Shakira but dumbed down…if that’s possible. #
  • RT @swissmiss Reading Resumes “If someone has been @ the last 2 jobs less than a year, it raises a red flag!” Michael Lebowitz @BigSpaceship #
  • RT @michaelpinto: @thejoshuablog banned from #digg, please support him by following him on twitter, story here: #
  • Michael Bilsborough opening at invisible Exports is the new Centre For Study of the Gay Hipster (via @artfagcity) #
  • At TB benefit on Park Av & paranoid that someone is going to start coughing. #

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