Reflecting on The Week (2009-05-23)

Kindle Graphic...Like Reading a Fax

  • I find it hard to write short messages when I’m in a bad mood…well, messages that don’t incl. #@*&?! #
  • Presenting the “hip” Pulitzer: RT @artfagcity: Winners of @UtneReader Independent Press Awards: #
  • Anti-gay Miss California Shocker: Mom’s Gay Affair! –too juicy not to link to (via Star tabloid) #
  • [Pictured Above] Just bought a Kindle & I’m already in love. Have subscribed to a few magazines & blogs and will report back what I find. #
  • RT @writepudding “A lot of women…have gay children. Who cares? I want love. I’m a Christian & Christ loved everybody.” -Marie Osmond #
  • “Newspapers are an important part of our lives, not to read…when you’re moving you can’t wrap your dishes in a blog.” -Stephen Colbert #
  • OMG It’d be hilarious if Colbert “quoted” NYTimes about print being better than blogs to wrap fish via @dansaltzstein #
  • Last night @ literary journal meeting with very smart young peeps & none of them knew what a feedreader was…can someone explain that 2 me? #
  • Jealous… @veken & I just pulled out Cochon in NOLA’s matchbox & remembered how good food is RT @jonnodotcom YUM! in reply to jonnodotcom #
  • I think everybody needs to just win the lottery… (via @tavit) in reply to tavit #
  • Off to the Berkshires for a yoga retreat. I may be too zen to tweet…or not… #

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