Reflecting on The Week (2009-05-30)

Health Care Now!

  • Day 2 of yoga retreat & the battery of my Kindle is drained…do I really read that much? Stuck reading Samuel Pepys diairies offline. #
  • Heading back from retreat and a woodchuck just crossed our path…is it a sign? If so, of what? #
  • Some big steals! RT @trianglearts: NOW LIVE! Check out our 100×100 online fundraiser & snag amazing art for $100: in reply to trianglearts #
  • Finally, something that deserves an award! @stevelambert’s NYTimes spoof won PrixArsExectronica award of distinction: #
  • 2nd time in 2 mo.s I’ve spotted Dem Chair Harold Ford Jr around 59&Park. Fundraising or awaiting marching orders from UES donors…hmmm…. #
  • Off to Triangle Workshop website launch party at Parker’s Box in Williamsburg (come join, it’s free!): #
  • At ArtJail in Chinatown & one of Amy Goodman’s art works went missing. Is it on the lamb? #
  • Oops, I meant Abby Goodman. Btw, fun crowd at ArtJail. #
  • Great characterization of Matt Drudge via True/Slant: “Drudge–the id of the mainstream media’s rightward tilt…” #

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