Web 3.0 Concepts Explained in Plain English



I’m a sucker for lists of any kind but specially ones that give you a clear idea about the cultural shifts we are experiencing. Advertainment is the only item that scares me a little in the 3.0 list.

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  1. Tara Avatar

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  2. hv Avatar

    @Tara, Unfortunately, the link doesn’t really lend itself to the scope of this blog. Thanks & good luck.

  3. libhomo Avatar

    A lot of people forget that IGoogle is very similar to the older MyYahoo.

  4. Ian Aleksander Adams Avatar

    yeah, my grandma’s been using something very similar for years. I’ve always found such things cumbersome. So far, Google reader and email beat it, which is what, 2.0 and 1.0? Aren’t widgits also a heavily used feature in blogs? I feel like there’s gotta be more coming in 3.0, otherwise it’s more like 2.2. Course, I remember everyone saying that about 2.0 as well. Feels more like a marketing phase than a clear epoch.

  5. hv Avatar

    I think the base of web 3.0 is personalizing technology. Blogs won’t change much except in the way they’re read.

    For instance, I’m noticing that I prefer to subscribe to some text heavy blogs using the Kindle since it’s a much better reading experience on a tablet rather than on a computer screen.

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