Bushwick Open Studios 2009 This Weekend, My Event Picks


Oh Bushwick, how you’ve developed into a cultural haven for the marginalized artist…..did I mention how I’m absolutely psych’d about BOS 2009 this weekend. As someone who has written & documented (as much as I could) every BOS since its inception in 2007 (ok, there was a small version in 2006 which I missed, kill me), I’m very happy to see this event come of age.

[Some of my reviews from 2007, 2008, & my pics from 2008 (184 pics) & 2007 (51 pics)].

This year people from all aspects of the art world have been mentioning the event to me and letting me know they will be in Bushwick this weekend…which is great!…a far cry from the time when people thought it was a waste of time to venture east of the BQE to see art (that wasn’t graffiti’d on the wall).

If you’re around and want to meet up, feel free to DM me on Twitter (@hragv), or say hi as you spot me wandering around the studios of Bushwick’s artvolk.

Here are some of my picks for events this weekend:


2012 (Factory Fresh, 1053 Flushing Ave.) 7-10 PM

This highly-anticipated show will include work by street heavies AVOID, BLOKE and FARO.

Endless Love Crew (ELC) Opening (Kings County Bar, 286 Siegel St.) 8 PM – 4 AM

Featuring work by Endless Love Crew (Celso, Anera, Royce, Abe Lincoln Jr, Infinity) with special guests Skewville, Dark Cloud, Matt Siren.


Bushwick Biennial (NURTUREart, English Kills, Pocket Utopia, Grace Exhibition Space)

Opening June 6 at all four locations, this is very much a “coming of age” for this north Brooklyn ‘hood that is near and dear to my heart. You can be sure that 60% of what you see will be crap but at least a quarter will be pretty awesome and may even blow your mind (I love when that happens). Though I have to admit the fact that NURTUREart is pretending it is in Bushwick is hilarious!

GODSOFMARS Group Show (English Kills, 114 Forrest Ave, Alley) Opening Reception, 2 – 6 PM

This is part of the Bushwick Biennial but I couldn’t help but highlight this since English Kills always puts on a great show & this one is NOT to be missed. Featuring Judith Supine, Jim Herbert, Lenny Reibstein, Andrew Hurst, Don Pablo Pedro, Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson, Hiroshi Shafer, Jason Eisner & Jason Balicki, Steven Harding, Andy Piedilato, Andrew Ohanesian & Tescia Sufferlein, Carter Davis, Leah Aron, Brent Owens, Peter Dobill

“WILD/LIFE” Panel (Bushwick Public Library, 340 Bushwick Ave) 3 – 5 PM

The Bushwick Reading Series moderates a panel on “WILD/LIFE” followed by a multimedia “reading” event.


“From Street Art to Community Murals & Back Again” (Ad Hoc, 49 Bogard St).

A discussion about collaborative art in NYC with Lady Pink, Chris Cardinale, Chris Stain, El Puente’s Joe Matunis & author Jane Weissman.

More great picks here via BushwickBK. Get your event guides/maps here.

Image snagged from BushwickBK 🙂

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  1. Pete Avatar

    Assuming the occasional article about crackheads stabbing innocent people in the forehead with screwdrivers doesn’t scare you a ride by this growing outpost will inevitably embolden you and leave you feeling that despite all the hoopla of NY lately being a cultural deathbed this quixotic tribe of artistic collectives will have you wondering otherwise.


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