Reflecting on The Week (2009-06-06)

Herakut shot at Red Flagg

  • [Picture Above] Just saw Herakut show at RedFlag in Chelsea & Whole in the Wall on 35th St…former quite good but a tad sparse, later a curatorial mess. #
  • Just got out of the Whitney. Holzer was hit & miss. Oldenberg was fantastic. Hopper in Paris had a treasure…mime @ table that was divine. #
  • RT @TwoCoats Why Jerry Saltz won’t start a blog in reply to TwoCoats #
  • Just heard L train is not running btw Lorimer & Myrtle this weekend during Bushwick Open Studios (what a pain!). #
  • RT @bhoggard: Vigil tonight at south end of Union Square (NYC, 14th & Broadway) at 6pm in memory of slain Kansan doc, Dr. George Tiller. #
  • I’m totally in love with my Kindle. Using this I can imagine a time when I’ll only have one bookcase of physical books. #
  • Getting psych’d re Bushwick Open Studios. Starting my weekend Fri @ King’s County Bar for ELC show curated by Andrew Michael Ford. #
  • RT @otislongpaws: RT @nytimes: NH Legislature Approves Same-Sex Marriage #
  • Today is a three frozen margarita day. #
  • Hey Twitterverse, looking for intern for (& other blog projects)….DM me if interested. #
  • Wow…the web is awesome. Its been an hour or so & I’ve already received 4 internship applications! #
  • For those in Chelsea RT @CupcakeStop: Headed to 23rd bet. 7th & 8th w some double chocolate, oreo crumb & cookie dough cupcakes. Open @ 6pm! #
  • RT @brooklynmuseum: RT @NBCNewYork_com: Ex-Museum Payroll Manager Stole $620K from Brooklyn Museum: #
  • Victim of the Economy? Cheryl Pelavin to close after 28 years at 13 Jay St in TriBeCa… #
  • WTF is wrong with people?! Gallup Poll says 65% of Americans don’t want Gitmo closed: …CLOSE GITMO NOW! #
  • In honor of BOS, some Bushwick Art Peeps @factoryfresh @roystanfield @powhida @celso @bushwickbk @missmaro @cmonstah #
  • WOW!!! RT @TylerGreenDC: 10% of Met staff laid off yesterday? #

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